Backless Booster Seat rental in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Backless Booster Seat Rental - Louisiana requires that children 6 years and under, weighing less than 60-lbs and under 4' 9” in height must be in an approved child safety seat. Backless boosters should never be used for children under 4 years of age.

Backless Booster Seats raise a child up off the vehicle seat for a better seat belt fit. Backless Boosters keep the seat belt in the proper position over a child's body. These boosters are light weight and compact. Older children prefer backless boosters, since car seats are “for babies”. It's important that the seat back must come up to your child's ears, the top of the ears is the same position as the base of the skull, which needs to be protected during a crash. If the vehicle seat back does not reach the top of the ears, the child is in danger of whiplash and neck injuries in a crash. If the seat back is too low, the child should use a high back booster which will provide the necessary head support to prevent injuries.

Vehicle seat belts are manufactured for a minimum height of 4' 9”. Therefore vehicle seat belts do not fit properly across the lap and chest on anyone smaller. Improperly fitting seat belts place a rider at a higher risk for injury in an accident. While not popular among children, passengers under 57” height are safest using boosters to the age of 13.

  • JPMA Approved and Meets CPSC Safety Standards
  • Let your toddler feel like a big kid by making the transition from car seat to booster.
  • Features a comfy padded seat and a flip down drink holder.
  • Belt positioning booster for children 30 lbs (13.60kg) to 100 lbs (45.36kg)  No height limit specified
  • Manufacturers Installation & Instruction Manual Provided.
  • Padded armrests and seat for child's comfort.
  • Due to liability, Rockabye personnel cannot install car seats or assist with installation of car seats. Manufacturers Instructions are provided.
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