Baby Pressure Gate rental in Ft Lauderdale - Broward County

  • JPMA Approved and Meets CPSC Safety Standards
  • A must for child-proofing. The pressure gate installs in doorways to secure almost any room.
  • Its hardware-free, pressure-mounted installation won't damage door frames and makes it easy to move where you need it.
  • Expands from 28" to 42" wide to fit most standard doorways and openings
    • Measure openings where you intend to use pressure gates to assure it is within the limits of the gate prior to ordering.
    • Pressure gates must have a solid flat surface on each side to secure properly.
    • Pressure gates do NOT attach to stair rails.
    • Pressure-mounted gates simply press on opposing walls. They should be used only where falling isn't a hazard, such as between two rooms or to discourage your little explorer from climbing up stairs. Pressure-mounted gates are not secure enough to use at the top of stairs, so never use them that way!
    • There are no refunds or exchanges for pressure gates once the order leaves our warehouse.
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